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CD 1

                          Songs of Iceland  / Ensemble Úngút   ( 2007 )

1st CD : ***xxx

                          Songs of Iceland  / jazz ensemble úngút ( re-released 2013 )

CD1:2 Photo

Songs of Iceland : Booklet

CD review for “Songs of Iceland” in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung:

“This collection, “Songs of Iceland” provides the listener with material from the very depths of folk tradition. The pieces have their roots in the theatre, the nursery room and in the vast and varied landscapes of this largest volcanic island on our planet.

Ensemble úngút takes us on a many sided musical journey with singer Rosa Kristin Baldursdottir, Bassist Einar Sigurdsson and the english pianist Peter Arnesen. His jazz-inspired arrangements exude an elesian atmosphere with just a hint of personal irony”.

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CD 2                 Blástjarnan / Blue Star

Blástjarnan CD Photo

Vocal:  Rosa Kristin Baldursdottir

Piano & Arrangement:  Peter Arnesen

Bass:  Bene Halus

Blástjarnan : Blue Star : Booklet

Release date:             Summer 2013

Review Link:    

Where to buy:                  Order direct from:



Vocal & Piano Manuscripts of the Icelandic Song Book as arranged by Peter Arnesen for Ensemble Úngút


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