Wesite Photo : Top 2This is the sound of Iceland:   rough and intimate, mysterious and hauntingly exciting.

“Úngút” is an Icelandic expression which means “to brood, to hatch (out) ; hence a new life”.  Jazz Ensemble Úngút opens new musical paths with the traditions of authentic icelandic folk music.
The archaic and powerful sound of this music is directly inspired by the eruptive Icelandic landscapes.  The songs are driven by the tension between a life with nature and the desire for shelter, warmth and a feeling of security.
Pianist and composer Peter Arnesen was a successful London studio musician, recording and touring with well known Rock, Jazz and Pop bands as well as being a founding member of The Rubettes. In Jazz Ensemble Úngút he presents a sensitive and thrilling approach to Icelandic music, transforming them into lucid jazz pieces.

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